Andrew T. Coates, PhD
Duke University and UNC Wilmington
Historian of Religions in America

I study the material culture of Protestantism in America. My first major research project is called The Senses of Fundamentalism. This project examines how the senses operated in the daily life of early twentieth-century American fundamentalism. I teach classes in religious studies at Duke University and the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Each chapter of The Senses of Fundamentalism explores the role of one of the senses in fundamentalist life: sight, hearing, touch, and the spiritual senses. Using visual and material evidence, I explore how fundamentalists trained their eyes to see truth from dispensationalist charts, how they taught their ears to hear the voice of God on radios and phonograph records, how they regulated and controlled contact between gendered bodies through clothing, and how they honed their bodies to sense spiritual presences.

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